Public WiFi is just that – public.
Private WiFi makes you invisible.


The Problem

Public WiFi networks
are not secure

Three out of four people have used public WiFi hotspots in the last twelve months. Yet most don’t realize that WiFi signals are just radio waves. Anyone in range can “listen in” to all of the data you send and receive, as easily as tuning to the right station. And antivirus or firewall software can’t protect you.

Hotspots are easy
to hack

Coffee shops. Hotels. Airports. It doesn’t matter what kind. No public WiFi hotspot in the world is secure. A report from NBC’s TODAY Show reveals how easy it is to hack a public hotspot using a normal laptop and simple software. And in this CBS News segment a reporter has her password stolen out of thin air while using a cafe's free WiFi connection.

Your Private
Information is at Risk

There are so many ways that hackers can gain access; wifi jacking, infecting your device with malware, gaining control of your device, identity theft via online victim profiling, snooping for confidential data, session hijacking - your usernames, passwords, social media login details, and other confidential information can literally be stolen out of thin air.


The Solution

Connect with

Private WiFi is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the most secure way to surf, share, shop, bank, and do everything else online. No one will be able to intercept or see your WiFi signal.


The software scrambles your device’s WiFi signal using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same proven technology trusted by major companies, banks, and government agencies.

Easy to use

Our patented technology detects unsecure networks and activates itself automatically.
It works anywhere, even on the wired networks in many
hotel rooms.

What you get

Encrypt your Internet connection Protect all your devices for one low price Bank-level 256-bit data security
Works anywhere in the world, in any WiFi hotspot Includes Malware Filtering and Ad Blocking Easy to install Activates automatically 8AM - 12AM EST M-F customer service
Money-back guarantee


of the general public cites identity theft as a potential issue with using free public WiFi.


fear compromised online accounts in wireless hotspots.


of people make a connection between public WiFi and the rise in fraudulent tax filings.

Source: Harris Interactive Poll